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The Subnovii plasma pen is the first FDA-approved handheld device to harness fibroblast activity to pursue collagen renewal. This innovative technology can help tighten non-invasively, firm, and rejuvenate aging skin, removing those pesky wrinkles, lines, and sagging contours that lower your self-confidence.

What is the Subnovii plasma pen?

As an alternative to surgeries, laser therapy, and injectables, the Subnovii plasma pen works by triggering activity in the skin’s fibroblasts or tiny cells in the dermis that produce collagen. Fibroblasts play a crucial role in the skin tightening and firming that occurs during wound healing. Thanks to innovation in molecular physics, the handheld device hovers just above the skin, delivering a high-frequency electric current while preserving the skin cells from damage.

Plasma fibroblast therapy can:

  • Help to regenerate skin tissue
  • Stimulate the renewal of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
  • Tighten and firm the skin
  • Break down unwanted proteins in the skin
  • Treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, smile lines
  • Correct acne scarring and stretch marks
  • Effect a non-surgical blepharoplasty
  • Create more definition in the jawline and neck

What are the benefits of Subnovii?

  • Help reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines
  • Firms and tightens the complexion
  • It can be used for non-invasive lip augmentation
  • Helps reduce photoaging
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • It helps to provide more youthful facial contours
  • Preserves the outer skin layer
  • No anesthesia, incisions, or scarring
  • Cost-effective
  • Little downtime
  • Long-lasting results, typically 2-3 years
  • Enhances self-image

Who is a good candidate for treatment with Subnovii?

The Subnovii plasma fibroblast therapy is an excellent choice for anyone struggling with concerns over their complexion. Because it is safe, non-invasive, and appropriate for most skin tones, Subnovii treatment can be undergone by any healthy adult with realistic expectations. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for sure is to schedule an appointment with our team in Valdosta.

What happens after my Subnovii procedure?

The Subnovii plasma pen will cause microtrauma to the skin, making tiny wounds that help to stimulate the body’s collagen production. Thus, small scabs will form after treatment, which tends to disappear within about 5-10 days. You may experience some itchiness and tightness in the skin as well.

Results can be seen right away and will continue to improve over 6 months as your body begins making new collagen. For about a month after your treatment, you’ll need to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and wear an SPF of 30 or higher at all times. This will help prevent hyperpigmentation.

Why choose Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta?

Dr. Sonya Merriman is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Valdosta area and beyond. Known for her experience and meticulous precision, Dr. Merriman delivers elegant, natural-looking results that are ideal for your unique goals. After graduating from the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Merriman pursued a demanding residency in general surgery at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. She then completed a prestigious residency program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Chattanooga.

After receiving her Master’s Degree from South University, Ashlie Scruggs became a sought-after Nurse Practitioner whose caring demeanor instantly sets patients at ease. She assists Dr. Merriman with a wide array of cosmetic treatments, including Subnovii, helping clients achieve their aesthetic visions.

As a Registered Nurse with extensive training, Pam Chaney assists Dr. Merriman in creating an atmosphere of professionalism and trust. She is a master of safe, non-invasive treatments that help clients to feel rejuvenated and revitalized from the inside out.

You will be treated with professionalism and kindness.

Meet with us and discover a clinic where we focus on creating natural-looking results in every procedure.

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