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For clients who have undergone reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, areola tattooing is the final stage in their transformation, helping the breasts to appear natural and realistic. 3D nipple tattoos can replace nipple reconstruction, which for patients who prefer a smooth breast surface is ideal. Areola tattooing requires great artistry and precision, as the procedure must be performed over scar tissue left behind after surgery. The result is increased self-confidence in the client, who can now feel comfortable wearing bras, swimwear, eveningwear, and nothing at all.

What is areola tattooing?

What is an eyelash lift?

During the procedure, pigment is deposited within the areolas, and the area is naturally shaded to create an authentic color and texture. The new, photorealistic nipples help put the finishing touches on reconstructive surgery, covering up mastectomy scars.

Areola tattooing is an alternative to surgically reconstructing the nipples using skin grafts, which may be intimidating to breast cancer survivors who have already undergone multiple surgeries and lengthy hospital stays. 3D nipple tattooing is more affordable than nipple reconstruction and comes with fewer risks.

What are the main benefits of areola tattooing?

The most significant benefit of the procedure is its confidence in women who have undergone breast reconstruction after cancer. Nipple tattoos restore a sense of normalcy and familiarity after a long journey of surgeries and hospital stays. With their nipples finally restored, many women feel a sense of completion and resolution. They can finally feel comfortable again in locker rooms, at the beach, or in the bedroom. They can look in the mirror and feel genuinely healed.

The benefits of choosing areola tattooing over nipple reconstruction are many. Nipple tattoos are more cost-effective than surgery, and they take less time to complete. Many clients who have already undergone breast reconstruction are weary of being under the knife and prefer a less invasive approach. Lastly, nipple reconstruction with skin grafts results in a bump that some women may find uncomfortable in bras or tight-fitting clothing. With nipple tattoos, the breasts remain smooth.

Who makes an ideal candidate for areola tattooing?

Areola tattoos can typically be created 4-6 months after breast reconstruction. To determine your candidacy, you will need to attend a private consultation with our team. We will examine your scar tissue and create a personalized plan outlining your preferred size, color, and placement for your nipples.

What can I expect after my areola tattooing treatment?

Areola tattooing typically only requires one session. For the first 10 days, your nipples may appear darker than usual, but the pigment will slowly fade to a more natural shade. Your nipples will be dressed in gauze, and you will be provided with a clear aftercare plan for taking care of your tattoos. You will need to apply an antibiotic ointment daily for about one week to help ward off infection.

Why choose Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta?

Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta provides cutting-edge, technologically advanced solutions in a state-of-the-art setting. From the compassion and expertise of our practitioners to our world-class, AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) accredited facility, Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta exceeds your expectations for excellence and safety.

Melanie Hughes received her Advanced Medical Aesthetics certification, preparing her for a career that significantly enhances our clients’ lives. Melanie is a caring and experienced licensed aesthetician who restores dignity and confidence through specialized areola tattoo techniques. Using the most advanced technology on the market, Melanie also provides a wealth of other cosmetic services which help to improve quality of life.

You will be treated with professionalism, kindness, and exceptional skill.

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